FeaturesSimple, Connected and Future-Proof Supply Chain Management with myleo / dsc

FEATURESSmart Ideas For Your Supply Chain

myleo / dsc is a cloud-based Process-as-a-Service platform that digitalizes, simplifies, connects and future-proofs business processes from the logistics environment. The focus is on collaboration between supply chain stakeholders, real-time data and automation.

Whether in the field of yard management, inbound management or transport management - myleo / dsc uses a wide range of innovative technologies that help you to better understand, evaluate and optimize your processes.

Open innovation platform
Transparency in inbound & outbound logistics in real time
Future-proof architecture - highly scalable

Collaboration 2.0 Meet Your Customers and Service Providers at Eye Level

New business processes require new logistics and supply chain management structures. Strengthen the connection to your customers, suppliers and service providers by communicating via myleo / dsc.

FEATURESTeamwork Makes The Dream Work

Share all relevant information and easily collaborate with your supply chain partners: When exchanging status information, in case of process deviations or when reconciling container account balances.

Communicate in real time with process participants such as drivers, freight forwarders and customers, and exchange tracking data or basic documents such as proof of delivery (POD) with your partners digitally. Phone calls, e-mails and paperwork become largely obsolete.

Fair play and transparency.
Grant your supply chain partners access. Often, consignees assign fixed delivery times and rely on information from your service providers. Inform the recipient in good time and proactively about the expected arrival time.

Always receive up-to-date information through permanent recalculation of the expected arrival time and dynamic route and section calculation as well as driving and rest times.

Expectation management
Inform your customers in good time and proactively about possible deviations. Gain trust through transparency!

Document attachments
Upload proofs of delivery, photos and other documents to ensure complete documentation in one place.

Ticket functionality
Exchange information about the delivery document and trigger follow-up actions automatically.

Connectivity service
Easily integrate event messages from various external systems.

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FEATURESKPIs and Reporting: Evaluate and Optimize Logistics Processes

Only those who look closely can identify problems and learn from mistakes. Focus on KPIs that directly help you understand the operational situation and make processes at the ramp and gate easily measurable. With the help of our reporting framework, you can define and assign your own KPIs.
  • Reliability: How much does a partner stick to the agreed deadlines?
  • Punctuality: How much do the expected (ETA) and actual arrival (ATA) times differ?
  • Capacity Utilization: How stretched are your resources?
  • Volatility: How much do the utilization rates at the ramp vary over a period of time?
  • Throughput: How many trucks were handled per day?

All data and KPIs can be graphically presented by myleo / dsc in clear dashboards, so that you always have your most important key figures in sight.

Find out more about KPIs here.

WE REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN​Are you ready to turbocharge your digital logistics?​

FEATURESNo/Low Code Apps - Create Logistics Apps Easily without Programming Skills!

Map sub-processes simply and quickly with easy-to-create micro apps. Our No Code/Low Code Editor is an intuitive modular system that allows you to digitalize previously analog processes, such as load securing, with just a few clicks.

Find out more about No Code Apps here.

Easy and quick development of your own software applications

No programming knowledge needed, intuitive operation via drag & drop

Any requirements can be mapped within the shortest possible time, e.g. apps for check-in, loading, goods issue, etc.

Apps are flexibly configurable and integrated in an uncomplicated way

Individual screens and texts, choice of various fields (phone numbers, checkboxes, scan function, etc.)

Ready-made apps are directly applicable and integrated into the processes mapped with myleo / dsc

For mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, terminals)

Gain more transparency on relevant information with customized apps.

FEATURES Learning Platform and Predictive Services

Data is the salt in the soup, also in logistics. Connect operational processes with real-time data. Use intelligent technologies to manage your processes on an event basis and make them more efficient. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help you better understand your process data.

  • Dynamic calculation of time slot lengths based on delivery quantities etc.
  • Prediction of time of arrival of outstanding deliveries (ETA)
  • Planning of required resources, e.g. for loading or unloading
  • Optimization of work routes on the plant premises
  • Evaluation and reporting of performance data

By using AI and ML, patterns can be identified, deviations can be pointed out, and processes can be optimized. This applies to operational and strategic parameters as well as to master data.

FEATURES Contactless and Paperless Yard Processing

Contactless and paperless processing on the plant premises has several advantages: it speeds up processes, reduces the potential for paper errors and also increases the safety of staff and drivers.

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Rely on integrated terminals to automate check-in and check-out as much as possible.

Incorporate light signals and barriers into the process to enable automated check-in at plant gates.

Integrate scales and weighing processes into your workflows and rely on self-service here as well.

Use large screen displays and displays for smart loading bay call-off and handling in parking lots.

With the help of sensors a lot of relevant information such as temperature, shocks and much more can be digitized.

Automatically identify vehicles at check-in or check-out using OCR cameras.

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