Arvato Supply Chain Solutions optimizes utilization of resources and gates with myleo / dsc

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4.38 billion euros (2020)


Globally renowned companies from a wide range of industries rely on the Bertelsmann subsidiary’s solution portfolio.

Arvato has already been relying on myleo / dsc since 2019. The logistics service provider was looking for a tool for its customers to be able to manage incoming and outgoing time slots for goods receipts and goods issues. Our 360° logistics platform was the perfect fit. In addition to the use of our time slot solution myleo / slot, a management of capacities behind the ramp was of particular interest.

Initial situation

For many of Arvator’s customers, the staging areas and goods receiving zones in particular were the bottleneck in the process-related overall picture at peak times. These were often not yet available for further loading and unloading due to the clearing time behind the gates. With the optimized management of incoming and outgoing time slots for goods receipts and goods issues as well as capacities and resources, this problem could thus be eliminated.

The project, which exclusively concerned the logistics department, was particularly characterized by the extremely short parameterization time. With the help of a standardized questionnaire, agile workshops and system preparation, requirements were defined and necessary settings were made within a few hours. Thus, the system was fully available within a few hours. Further settings after initial commissioning could be made by the customer himself. This was rounded off by end-user training, in which Arvato was already able to provide support due to its easy-to-use approach.

The solution at a glance

  • Introduction of myleo / dsc as a logistics platform
  • Introduction of myleo / slot for time window management
  • Future introduction of myleo / supply to optimize inbound processes
  • Further adjustments by Arvato SCS possible at any time after initial start-up thanks to easy-to-use approach

We immediately identified with the approach and solution portfolio of myleo / dsc. Short implementation times, fast results. That’s what makes a good software today.

Fabian Generotzky , Operations Manager, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

The most important improvements

  • Simplified yard processes
  • Transparency through integrated time slot booking system
  • Extremely short implementation time
  • Ease of use and simplified master data creation

Optimized resource utilization and transparency

With the introduction of myleo / dsc, it is now possible to coordinate the use of resources with the workload and to align the workload with the occupancy of areas and gates. In addition, transparency in the inflow enables precise reservation of gate and area. In the process, limiting the number of time slots available can help smooth out the workload across opening hours. This is important because Arvato, as a logistics service provider, is particularly dependent on reliable information from customers and partners. For example, the exact delivery date plays a key role in optimally planning loading and unloading operations as well as retrieval and storage processes and the capacities required for them.

User-friendliness for internal and external process participants

In addition to the process optimization for goods receipts and issues, the easy-to-understand user interfaces and the simple creation of master data were also of enormous importance. External process participants can now be added quickly and easily. In addition, untrained third parties can be asked to book time slots via an invitation function. The logistics service provider can also fine-tune user privileges, such as blocking and releasing areas, or make reservations in the form of regular time slots for specific customers.

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