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Real-Time Transportation Visibility

Transparency creates trust: Delivery tracking with myleo / dsc

Robert Ibisch

In times of digitalization, the demands of customers and clients for reliability and information quality have increased significantly. Real-time tracking is nowadays an essential component in the transport and logistics industry to ensure a transparent and calculable transport process within the supply chain. Providing transportation-related information to customers and clients is very resource-intensive for many companies, as there is often no central solution for providing the required information. As a rule, companies have to answer the following (recurring) questions vis-à-vis their customers and clients:


  • Where is my delivery currently?
  • Will the truck/train be on time?
  • Has the delivery been delivered?
  • Were there any problems with the delivery?

The data is often transmitted manually and thus time-consuming by e-mail, telephone, fax or Excel spreadsheets. As part of our myleo / dsc track & trace solution, we offer automated delivery tracking for your clients, customers and other supply chain stakeholders. By integrating telematics data into the cloud platform, transports can be fully mapped and departure as well as arrival times can be calculated in real time. With the new external delivery tracking, you can now provide your partners with shipment-related data easily and transparently. You simply send the link to the delivery tracking manually or even automatically while creating a delivery in myleo / dsc to customers, clients and other stakeholders.

The gray bar at the top of the screen displays the most important information such as delivery number and linked references for clear identification of the delivery for those involved in the transport. The current delivery status can be viewed quickly and easily via the transport events in the toolbar. By entering the postal code of the recipient's address, an automatic security validation is performed to view further detailed information about the delivery. By entering the sender and recipient addresses, as well as a detailed history is displayed. There, additional transport status messages from telematics, myleo / dsc or your upstream system can be integrated and retrieved with location and time stamp.

With our shipment tracking, you can process real-time data even more effectively and create more transparency for your customers and clients. The automated provision of delivery-related information minimizes your internal workload and your customers can independently view the current status of their deliveries at any time.

Have we sparked your interest? Feel free to contact us for more information and create more transparency within your supply chain - because transparency creates trust.

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