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Empties Management

How to optimize and automate your yard with smart equipment tracking

Robert Ibisch

With a high degree of utilization and complex yards, it is often unclear where equipment or loading devices are currently located on the plant premises or in the warehouse. Real-time tracking solutions enable you to see exactly where which resources are located at any time, down to the last meter. Together with our partner Quuppa, we now offer tracking hardware that is closely integrated with our process and application logic. With the help of myleo / dsc, you can use the location information gained in this way to identify bottlenecks and specifically optimize or even automate your plant processes.

Quuppa's intelligent positioning system (RTLS - Real-Time Locating Services) uses Bluetooth radio chips and the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-based Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) method to track objects and devices in near real time with an accuracy of less than one meter. Continuous route optimization and job assignment make it easy to deploy MAFIs, transfer vehicles or forklifts as efficiently as possible.

We create the following added values for you together with Quuppa:

Increased efficiency: Keep an eye on your equipment such as forklifts at all times and everywhere using Quuppa's RTLS technology and optimize routes on the factory floor to save time and costs.

Transparency: Track your returnable containers such as IBCs in the new container management solution myleo / empties and get a complete overview of all your loading equipment in the form of container accounts. Based on geofences and position-accurate tracking, automated bookings in the yard are also possible.

Robust and reliable tracking: Quuppa's Bluetooth tags can be attached to equipment such as forklifts or a wide variety of loading equipment such as drums or pallets and function reliably even under difficult conditions.

Automation: With location information, you can gain deep insight into asset usage, better evaluate your processes, and automate many operations based on a wealth of collected information.

Very low maintenance: Once installed, the system normally requires no maintenance and sends a notification if it needs attention.

Create transparency over your assets with our new partner solution from Quuppa and keep your yard running smoothly with the myleo / dsc!

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